reversible projects




reversible = sustainable

A reversible and totally seamless knitwear: a highly innovative and sustainable product which reduces by half consumption of material, energy and space and optimizes production processes.

- 50% material saved 

Thanks to its particular structure without seams, 1knit2wear can be worn on both sides, saving, as a result,  half of the yarn commonly used for two pieces of knitwear.

- 50% energy saved

For the production of 1knit2wear the amount of electricity consumption is halved as well as the consumption of water, dyes and finishing agents.

- 50% space saved

The weight of 1knit2wear and the room that it takes are reduced by half in stocks, shops, suitcases and wardrobes, optimizing transport and logistic processes.




RVR Lardini

The RVR Lardini reversible garments are made with natural fabrics on one side and water repellent fabrics on the other side. An innovative and versatile line perfect for those who travel.The greatest attention to details is given to obtain space reduction. The items are therefore delivered folded in a bag made of fabric which can be used as a confortable pillow.